The Internet


Hi! If this makes you almost cringe but still curious, it hit the spot! This is me trying to make a website that is like a self portrait. I've been watching a lot of architecture YouTube and it struck me to make a website that is a self-representation, the way an architect would sometime make their creations the same way. Fancy stuff.

The 90's

There was a time in which you would be able to read the text on a website just about as the speed as it was loading through 90's Internet. That's old guy talk but that's why you're here. As you saw that dreaded gap in the text and the first few black lines inching down, you knew you're not finishing that sentence soon.

But it still made it kind of interesting, as you had the time to marvel at that blank space:

  • What could it be?
  • Is it going to look good?
  • Will it be to pixelated to make out?
  • Is it in colors?

The 90's were all about not having as much as you wanted or not having it as fast as you wanted.

The Internet

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